Help Ukraine – Foundation

Headquarters: Vavřenova 1171/10, Braník, 142 00 Prague 4

ID NO.: 03612686

Bank accounts:

Bank Creditas
106264661/2250 CZK
IBAN CZ7322500000000106264661 CZK

106264717/2250 EUR
IBAN CZ1622500000000106264717 EUR

106264813/2250 USD
IBAN CZ4322500000000106264813 USD

chairman of the board:
Vavřenova 1171/10, Braník, 142 00 Prague 4

Phone: +420 603 970 092

The Foundation is registered under file number N 1178, kept at the Municipal Court in Prague. The Foundation is a legal entity with activities in the Czech Republic and abroad and is established for an indefinite period of time. The Foundation was established in 2014.